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Living Water Fellowship provides a variety of ministries intended to bless those in need.

Coming Alongside

Coming Alongside is an outreach to the elder members of our area to provide companionship, activities, and special attention that might otherwise not be available to them. Volunteers engage in a wide variety of activities such as teaching crafts and hobbies, providing music, helping with housework, providing transportation, and doing errands for those who are unable to easily do such things for themselves.

Eva's Community Pantry

Eva's Community Pantry is a ministry which developed out of our desire to provide food and other items to people in need during these especially hard economic times. We provide a range of canned, frozen and boxed food items, and other essentials which are distributed directly from the church building at 96 Beech Ridge Road in York, Maine. The pantry is open on the second Saturday (8-10AM) and consecutive Wednesday (4-6PM) of each month.

Donations of nonperishable items and other essentials (shampoo, toilet paper, etc.) can be delivered to Living Water Fellowship during the hours the pantry is open and also during Sunday service hours, 10AM to noon.

For more information contact Eva [a.t] LWFofMaine [d.o.t] org

Old Gold

The Old Gold Society is a ministry of men over the age of fifty years for the purpose of mutual Christian discussion and encouragement. The group benefits from the belief that men of this older age are group are entering the years when their greatest understanding of the faith and most effective service to Christ may develop. We presently meet at Dunkin Donuts on Rout 236 in Eliot Maine at 9 a.m. on Monday mornings.

Young Adult

The Young Adult Fellowship is a ministry of fellowship and outreach to the community which meets weekly on Saturday evenings. Members of the Fellowship engage in a variety of activities to deepen existing relationships as well as to grow new ones. The group is also deeply involved in a continuing outreach of street ministry to the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and a special Music and Worship Outreach to the Youth Detention Facility in South Portland, Maine.

He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. John 7:38 (KJV)